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    Can anyone explain the difference between assignment and delegation? The practice questions seem to use these terms interchangeably, but delegatees/assignees are treated completely different in contracts. So what is the main difference between an assignment and a delegation?

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    Define Delegation VS Assignment?

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    Assignment: One of the parties’ later transfers of rights
    Delegation: Party to a contract transferring work (not right) under that contract to third party.

    It may be used interchangeably unless it talks about the consequences of assigning or delegating:


    (1) Assignee can sue the obligor

    (2) Obligor has same defenses against assignee as he would have against assignor.

    (3) Payment by obligor to assignor is effective until obligor knows of the assignment.

    (4) Modification agreement between obligor and assignor is effective if obligor did not know of assignment.


    a) Delegating party remains liable

    b) Delegatee is liable to Obligee only if he receives consideration from delegating party.

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