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  1.   Michigan bar exam result #1
    I know that Feb 2007 bar exam result was posted on May 4, 2007 last year. (

    So this year should be Oct. 4.. but it's not here!!!!!!!! Rumor has it that the result will be here by Oct 28??
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  2.   Re: Michigan bar exam result #2
    Definitely before Nov 6, 2007 (the swearing in ceremony). Based on that, I am guessing 2 weeks before the ceremony, so Oct. 26 ?

  3.   Re: Michigan bar exam result #3
    where did you hear that rumor???

  4.   Re: Michigan bar exam result #4
    I think these so-called "rumors" are just pranks to make everyone nervous. I have people from my law school running around claiming that they got their results last week because they know a judge or work for a big firm. Personally, I don't buy it.

    As for the facts . . . . The MI July 2006 bar exam results were considered "early" when they came out around Oct. 26, 2006. Also, all the swearing in dates are listed as tentative, so you really can't go by that.

    I went back through the state bar's website, and it looks like the MI bar results are always released on a Thursday or Friday around Halloween. Thus, start looking for the envelope around October 27 or November 2-3. I am guessing because the results were early last year, we will most likely get them around November 2.

    And by the way, there is a rumor floating around that if you get a thick envelope in the mail, you failed; if you get a thin envelope, you passed. That is also a huge lie. I had a classmate multi-state out last year with a 175, and she got a thick envelope, stuffed with forms and advertisements.

    I hope this allays everyone's fears. Statistically speaking, the odds are in your favor of passing :-)

  5.   Re: Michigan bar exam result #5
    no kidding... it's still not out. Those rumors are not true. Any news? When is it going to be here? It's almost November!! So I am guessing that lawgirl248 may be right about the Nov. 2

  6.   Re: Michigan bar exam result #6
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! This is torture. Although maybe its better for some of us not to have it yet... *gulp*

    I work at a big firm, and still don't know. Don't believe the lies!

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    My husband took the bar exam in July and we are waiting for results. He seems to think Nov. 1st is the day.

    I thought that you were able to check your results online--is this true, or do they send you the envelope in the mail like was described earlier?

    If you can check on a website--what is the site?

  8.   Re: Michigan bar exam result #8
    On the day the results are mailed (after 5 p.m.), a message is posted to the State Board of Law Examiners website saying that the results were mailed. Usually, you will get them the next day. Then 5-7 days later, the Law Examiners post a list of certified passers to their website.

    Just google Michigan State Board of Law Examiners, and you will find the site.

    I think the results are coming this Friday or Saturday. It is possible we will get them Nov. 8 or 9, but I think that is just too late (Such a late release date delays all the swearing in ceremonies).

    Also, I called the Law Examiners yesterday morning and asked if the state government shuts down on Wednesday if that affects our results. The very angry woman who answered the phone said it does. If there is government shutdown, that will delay the release of our results. Let's all hope the yahoos up in Lansing can't get the budget balanced b/c the wait is killing me. ;-)

  9.   Michigan Bar Exam #9
    Does anyone know when the results are going to be released for the MI bar exam??

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  10.   Re: Michigan bar exam result #10
    Really? So I should stop checking the page over and over again? Are you sure they post after 5 that they've been mailed? I'm guessing there is no way I'm getting my score today.... :(

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