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    Hey guys, I can't find anything out there that gives me the MPRE raw score coversion table or something like that. Those who have passed the exam, can you please kindly state your stats?

    1) year taken
    2) numbers you got right
    3) scaled score

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    1. 2002
    2. 28 (raw)
    3. 79 (scaled)

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    I am sitting in August and heard that you need to get between 32 - 38 correct to reach the scaled score of 85 for NY.


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    I passed the March one this year and got 86, which is not very high but fair to me.
    I didn't know how many numbers I got correct because it wasn't shown in the transcript ( I wonder how people know their numbers?).
    I heard my friend said that you can pass for half the questions correct if you are sitting for NY. Just for your reference.

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    In 2004, I got 30/50 correct and that converted to a scaled score of 84.
    Next exam in 2005 I got a scaled score of 90, but the new report didn't tell me what my number correct was. Since a 90 gets you in anywhere you need to go, it didn't matter.

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    Thank you guys, I have a pretty good idea now!

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