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    hi, I was wondering if sublimino message/music actually works. I have been trying with this brain sync brain wave therapy, and personally, I slept better!!! I, however, want to hear it from other people on this board to see if it's just a placebo effect on me. If it actually works, I think I am going to get a whole line of it to help with my love life, sleeping problem, and any future bar exam:)
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    I don't know about brain sync specifically, but a lot of folks report positive results from those kinds of programs.

    It certainly could not hurt.

    spoiler alert: Heck, if you watch that Lawyer walked into a bar movie.. one of the only ones that passed their exam is the one that took the "bar exam hypnosis" sessions.

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    ya, it's so funny, but it totally works for me. It's almost like a thin layer of positive aroma/energy just surorunds you after you sleep listening to brain sync

    I feel a lot better and less stressed. I will keep you updated if my grade will show

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    I have just started using the guided meditations - specifically the Awakening Kundalini, the Secret Universal Mind and the Attract Wealth meditations - and am also finding a new sense of 'oneness' with the world around me, much less stress and much less fear.

    I should also say that I am quite intellectual & not really one for the purely mystical. But I am convinced by the idea that the Universal Mind, Collective Consciousness, God, whatever you want to call it, is the source of all wisdom. And getting in tune with it, through breathing and meditation will assist you positively in any component of your life.

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    When I've tried this system, I've experienced a different feeling that I've never felt before. But what if that was only just a placebo effect? I can assure that brain sync is not about placebo effect. Why? I've made an experiment with one of my friends. I've started to play one of the Cd's and he asked that what is that, I've replied that it is just a non-distracting music which can be played during the learning process. After a few minutes he started to feel uncomfortable(I also felt uncomfortable myself when I've heard the Cd's for the first time). After that I have to say that brain sync is not a scam and it is not a lie. When I listen to the lucid dreaming Cd I always have vivid dreams, but if I don't, then I can't even remember the dream. Whit all these I can say that it worth the time and money.

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    Yea it does work. Here is a hypnosis program specifically for the bar exam, made by an attorney who is also a certified hypnotherapist:
    Bar Exam Mental Edge | IPassedMyBarExam


    Works like a charm!

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